Trade Winds


Enjoy a tropical paradise on Isla Vieques, home to dozens of undeveloped beaches, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, and the largest natural wildlife refuge in the Caribbean. 

Playa Sun Bay

Sun Bay consistently ranks amongst the best beaches in the Caribbean. Pure white sand and crystal clear water stretch for a mile in this protected bay which offers incredible sunbathing and swimming. The beach can easily be visited by foot from the Malecon in Esperanza. 

Bahía Mosquito

Bio Luminescent Bay this magnificent bay, a designated wildlife preserve about 2 miles east of Esperanza, has the highest concentration of Bio Luminescent dinoflagellates in the world. A trip through the lagoon at night – take a tour – is nothing short of psychedelic. Reservations for tours are essential in high season; the best time to go is at new moon.

Porta Ferro Piedras

The boulders at this archeological site identify the grave from which a 4000-year-old skeleton of a pre-Arawak known as the ‘Hombre de Puerto Ferro’ was exhumed. Little is known about the skeleton, but archaeologists speculate that he was one of the Arcaicos, Puerto Rico’s earliest known inhabitants, who made a sustained migration and seasonal pilgrimages from bases in Florida. The remains are now on show at San Juan’s Museo de Historia, Antropología y Arte.

Playa Negra

Among the many beaches of vieques Playa Negra is one of the more unique. A 5 min drive from Trade Winds. With a convenient parking lot across from the trail head. Take a 10 minute walk through the jungle to emerge at a wonderful view of the Caribbean Sea and therapeutic black sands! 

Black Sands Beach in vieques

Cayo De Tiera Hike

Take a short walk down the Malecon past the old sugar mill pier continuing to walk along the cayo. You’ll follow the beach all the way around across the strip of sand that connects the island to the mainland. follow the beach to the right and keep an eye out on your left for a log that marks the trail to cut into the main part of the island that will gradually take you up to the tippy top and a panoramic view of Sunbay.